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[ spaces future proofed ]


...while no one knows what the dwellings and work spaces of the future will be like... 


At futurespace, with our

7 steps to future proofing,

no matter what the future holds, your spaces

will be future compliant and future ready.


Applying sustainable micro site planning and building envelope design approaches, minimizes solar radiation, while maximizing daylighting, eliminating heat gain, and induces ventilation for thermal comfort.


Embracing ecological design consideration, uses sustainable materials and products that are durable and non toxic, eliminates indoor air quality concerns and improves occupants well-being. 

house (1).png

Adopting solar energy, wind turbine electricity generation, rain water harvesting, recycle gray water for

watering plants and general cleaning.


Emphasizing on intelligent space planning with sectional modules, flexible layout plans and adaptable spaces for up or downsizing and for multiple usages.


Prioritizing on integration of intelligent home automation systems, lightings, security, automation controls, entertainment and

smart devices.


Employing efficient HVAC systems, lighting and energy stars appliances, low flow faucets and employs energy management and monitoring systems.


Analyzing data from digital twin and smart home systems, fine tunes energy consumption, predicts timely maintenance. Deploys machine learning gathered from intelligent devices to serve both buildings and occupants efficiently and effectively. Gleans insights for product iteration and future improvements.


Prototype Dwelling
@ GrandVille USJ

futurespace envisions a house as a well designed product, and as an integrated smart device that comes with adaptable and intelligent spaces...

[ Simplify life, amplify living ]

40 Amazing Apartment Building Facade Arc
CyberPODs ( Pilot project )
@ Cyber Jaya

Dwelling for the tech savvy millennial,

design and build employing advanced modular construction systems, creating smart and intelligent adaptable spaces...

[ Transforming spaces into services ]



Future Space Development Sdn Bhd [ futurespace ] envisions ourselves as a group of PropTech companies.

These companies were born out of the dreams and visions

of a better future for the built environment…

The Connoisseur Creations was first conceptualized in 1999 and established in 2001 as an integrated collaborative Design house offering comprehensive services;

Master Planning, Environmental Sustainable Design, Architecture, Naval Architecture, Theming Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Project Management and Real Estate Advertising Design Campaign. dreamers and thinkers, we are also doers,

we envisage, create and execute the subject translating the creation into reality in a complete turnkey process

[ design & build ].

The Connoisseur Contracts Sdn Bhd was then incorporated in 2003 to undertake design and build commercial interior design and fit-out projects.


In 2010, we were awarded partial sponsorship of 6 kWp of Photovoltaic installation as part of the Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic Project and The United Nations Development programme under the Global Environment Facility to implement sustainable development initiative.

Building Trees Sdn Bhd was subsequently incorporated 

in 2013 to undertake, sustainable development, design and construction of residential properties.

Our future proofing journey began right after Y2K.

In Feb 2001, The Connoisseur Creations was commissioned by The Kampong Kuantan Rubber Company Limited's development arm to design a master plan of the 458 acres of their plantation lands to become the first large scale Sustainable ‘Green’ Master Layout Plan Housing Development in Malaysia

back then. 

Subsequently we were also commissioned as concept architect to design a revolutionary Terraced Houses new typology based on sustainable ‘green’ design solutions for our climatic context and cultures, to be built on the master plan.

Moving into the future...

futurespace's group of companies

will ensure in any of our future projects, be it a

smart renovation, any bespoke re-modelling, future-proofed retrofitting, curated interior fit-out or any complete rebuild.

we will make your spaces future compliant and future ready. 


With diverse expertise and with well over 20 years of experience in sustainable design, design innovation, product iteration and construction, futurespace is ready to venture and undertake

real estate development

vision of the future, re-inventing new dwelling typologies, creating smart and intelligent adaptable spaces, transforming spaces into services, designed for present and future generations...


[ Spaces future proofed ]





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To future proof your space.

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